Kazmira Private Label Program


Private Label Products

Private Label

We offer custom formulations through a collaborative product development process for creating differentiated products that are specific to our customer’s brands.


Kazmira Imperial Oil


Naturally purified Broad Spectrum (THC-Free) Extract with ~ 90% CBD, minor cannabinoids & terpenes.

Kazmira CBD Isolate


99% Crystalline CBD with naturally occurring terpenes, a light floral scent, and a neutral taste.

Kazmira Plasma Oil


Water Soluble CBD with up to 11,000 mg / L in a clear, water based concentrate with a neutral taste.

Industry Education

What is Colorado Bill SB22-205?

What is Colorado Bill SB22-205?

This bill is an important step in the right direction for the hemp industry and now is the time to tip the scales towards consumer safety by regulating CBD products and limiting intoxicating cannabinoids.

Cracking Down on Delta-8 THC

The issue is that lack of specificity in the Farm Bill leaves room for the rise of Delta-8 and the production of other synthetic cannabinoids. Let's be clear, this rise of man-made chemicals, mixed with...

What is Hemp-derived Delta 9?

Companies that are marketing hemp-derived Delta-9, are in actuality selling marijuana products, all while avoiding the sanctions in place for marijuana businesses. The 2018 Farm Bill set a limit of the...