Compliance and Safety

Compliance and Safety

CBD manufacturing and wholesaling is a new, emerging industry with numerous hazards from harsh chemical exposure to the risk of slips, trips and falls. At Kazmira, we understand that a strong commitment to compliance and safety is the foundation of a successful manufacturing business. We strive to ensure that every business decision is guided by our commitment to operate with high safety standards, provide a safe and healthy workplace, and protect the environment, natural resources, and the local community. Just as we are committed to operating safely and complying with applicable laws, regulations and policies, we appreciate and expect equal commitment from our vendors.

Licensing & Certifications for Hemp Processing Facilities

We look at the quality of our product throughout its whole lifecycle. If you purchased a product from us from the first day we started processing to today, we would be able to identify which feedstock it was purified from. Kazmira follows ISO quality management standards and good manufacturing practices (GMP). Additionally, we have obtained a CDPHE license which is especially important for companies in Colorado the license allows us to process hemp plants as a food product. We are also a Class 1 Div 1 facility which means that our facility is explosion proof and all of our wirings, plugs, equipment are installed per regulations. This is vital for manufacturers to protect their employees who operate equipment.

We also have permits for our solvents. This is something that many consumers miss when purchasing CBD. Proper usage and disposal of solvents is a huge problem in the hemp processing industry.

We also encourage consumers and the industry as a whole to ensure that manufacturers and wholesalers follow a compliance program for accepting industrial hemp feedstock. We make sure that all accepted feedstock follows ISO guidelines. The industry has had issues with feedstock being accepted that contains material that does not qualify as hemp.

Licensing Certifications for Hemp Processing Facilities