White & Private Labeling Program

Kazmira is THE leading provider of naturally derived THC-free CBD products from American grown Industrial Hemp. Our White Label program is the ideal way for customers to select a bundle of high-quality CBD products so that they can focus on the front end of the business such as distribution, marketing, and sales. Our Private Label Program offers custom formulations through a collaborative product development process for creating differentiated products specific to the customer brand. Our differentiated and value-added products, commitment to the highest quality and customer service, and adherence to international manufacturing standards (e.g., ISO 9001:2015) have enabled us to be a leading CBD manufacturer and wholesaler for some of the world’s largest CBD brands. For more information, check out our article on The Difference Between White and Private Label Products.

Private Label Products

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Private Label Questions & Answers

It varies by product, please see our private labeling page for product lead times.

As in most B2B organizations, shipping is covered by the buyer. Kazmira will assist in all logistics to make sure your product gets out the door in a timely and efficient manner.

Yes, there is a nominal filling/bottling charge

We foster strong collaboration with these brands and are able to develop turn-key products that the end-consumers desire. By providing these differentiated products at scale, we are able to offer these brands strong value propositions for products that truly resonate with the end-consumer.

Kazmira has gained a reputation for “leading the pack” within the CBD products industry with our guiding philosophy of Science-based InnovationQuality and Speed. Our aim is to elevate the CBD products industry now and for the future. Kazmira’s private labeling program is designed for brands that are focused on large volumes with differentiated products. This gives our customers more time focusing on what they do best: grow the end-consumer side of the brand.

Science-Based Innovation

New Product Introduction (NPI) is the most challenging & the most rewarding way to delight your customers.

While we offer the best in manufacturing and wholesaling THC-free CBD products, our most impactful contribution is in the research and discovery of new product development. Kazmira can help you bring innovative products to market. Over the next few months, Kazmira will begin offering several new applications (e.g., topical, oral, Water Soluble CBD) using our Broad Spectrum THC-free CBD oil & CBD Isolate Max™. Check Our Processes page to learn more about our technology.


We find it incredibly rewarding when we see our products improve people’s lives.

Our Quality Management Systems ensure the processing of our Industrial Hemp results in us setting the benchmark for quality. Our quality control team rigorously analyzes every manufacturing step to ensure that everything we produce meets our 20+ metrics on quality. Further, all products are third-party verified, and in-house quality assurance at every stage of the process ensures that our results are completely identical at any scale or batch size. We hold our customers’ reputations, consumer safety and product integrity with high esteem. Visit our “Product Validation” page to learn more.


Kazmira’s speed to commercialization helps our customers get to the customer faster than anyone else.

Kazmira has full analytical capabilities for potency & solvent. Thus, we have extremely short turn-around times on final product testing so our customers can get their product on the shelf as soon as possible. Learn more about our Analytical Lab.

We are able to support any size private label program to accommodate your needs. Whether you require a single item or an assortment, Kazmira can provide the CBD products you need.